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Personalized service by a specialist in Jewish genetic genealogy explaining your results

Access to the world's largest Jewish database

Thorough test at 67 STRs

mtDNA and autosomal testing available on request

We are using one of the most advanced genetic laboratories to unravel your DNA. With the a simple, pain-free, cheek swab you too can join the thousands of others finding long-lost relatives, tracing family migratory patterns during the Diaspora and finding out if you're related to famous rabbis.

Testing 67 markers is the minimum amount necessary to track down relatives and determine the date of the most recent common ancestor.

By testing through Jewish DNA Project you are helping us carry on with our mission.

See our page of testimonials.

The Y-DNA is passed down from father to son over time. If you are a woman and would like to determine your Y-line, you would have to have a brother, father, or paternal cousin etc. tested that shares the same paternal ancestor that you have. The Y-DNA is the most stable marker to be used for genetic genealogy purposes.

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